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Get More YouTube Views With Playlists

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Hi guys and girls, welcome to the first of many posts about YouTube, editing and everything inbetween, I’m aiming to share the tips, tricks, techniques and experiences I’ve gained to help your Youtube channel get as many subs/viewers as possible, so let’s get right into the first one.

The vast majority of YouTubers don’t use this simple and powerful tool, playlists, not only do they organise your content into easily viewed and digestible sections, YouTube and conversely Google love them and here’s some reasons why:

  • One of the main things YouTube uses to promote your videos as relevant to others in searches is Audience Retention, a higher retention time and it sees your content as valuable so is more likely to recommend it.
  • Playlists change how people view your videos, using playlists means that instead of ending your video and potentially going elsewhere, the next video starts straight away, thus keeping them watching, boosting your views and giving you a greater chance of converting the viewer into a sub.
  • Your YouTube Playlists show up separately in YouTube searches, every new playlist is another opportunity to show up on the front page of search results.
  • You give your videos more SEO juice as YouTube and Google both read the descriptions of the playlists, as well as the titles.

Now creating playlists is easy and to create playlists you need to be verified by YouTube. After that it’s really simple to do, just click the link below to see how:

Now you’ve created your playlist it’s time to add a Title & Description, these two parts are very important in how YouTube will see them as relevant to potential viewers, the title should be close to a search term people will use when searching in YouTube such as “Game Of Thrones Reviews” or “Riding Through The Alps” or “SixMiffedy Is A Stud”.

Description & Title

The description should be natural sounding and targeted for the search terms you want, but no keyword stuffing, YouTube knows what this is and penalises for it, write a description that is as though you were describing it to a friend who knows nothing about the subject but adding a few different search terms say if you want to target GoT viewers then you’d mention Game Of Thrones and the popular names in there but in a natural manner, SEO is an art, you won’t get it right the first time and you can always change it later the more you get used to it.

Now you’ve created your playlist it’s time to add some videos, you can do this either when you upload a new video or after by going to your playlists and choosing Add Videos.

Now it’s time to organise your playlists, a well structured channel page is more attractive to your viewers and makes it easier for them to see the sections. I use single playlists and alternate them in the horizontal view and vertical view, this I’ve found breaks them up well and gives the viewer something more to read than just titles.

So by using playlists and utilising the power they have to create views and convert viewers into subscribers your channel should gain more exposure for not much effort.

I hope you guys and girls found this informative and helpful, if you think it was then please share this blog on your social media of choice using the links at the top and if you want to offer any suggestions of your own that you use to improve your channel and exposure then feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Peace out and happy creating. – 6M

I’m a Manchester based Motovlogger on YouTube, with over a decade of marketing and design experience including SEO, analytics and branding, my mission is to help out fellow YouTubers with their own YouTube channels and to help them grow as much as they can.

Learn more. Do more. Be more.

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