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How Many Videos Should You Publish Each Week On YouTube?

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So this is one of those questions that troubles every creator, just how many videos should you put out per week? Too many and you might overwhelm your viewers to the point where they get basically sick of seeing or hearing you. Too few and your channel may not grow as quickly or you might lose interest in making them.

So to answer we’ve got to set out a few things, the first one being that you should put out at least one video per week at a minimum if you want your channel to grow, the second is that as long as the quality of your videos don’t suffer then carry on making them at the rate you’re comfortable with.

Which leads me to ask a couple of questions, as to how many videos a week we should publish, is it sustainable? Can you keep up the momentum of making two, three, four or more videos per week? There’s no reason for us to do so many we stress ourselves out about it or to put ourselves under too much pressure as this is after all a hobby for the vast majority of us. 

For my own part I work it out like this, I know I can publish 3 videos comfortably per week, I could ramp it up to four per week if I needed to but I don’t see any reason to. It would only be too much for people because of the type of videos I make which goes to the next point.

It depends on the type of videos you make, if you make short videos then you can get away with doing 5+ videos per week, however with the type of videos I make being educational/informational the content needs to be consumed, thought about and acted on and I don’t want to make so many videos that give people too much to think about or do per week because ultimately they’ll be put off and switch off.

The last thing to consider is that is the content of value to the people watching? You could make fifty videos but if they’re of no value or they’re rubbish then what’s the point? Every video should have a value to it whether that be telling the viewers about your past, a story from it or showing them your local area. You could be fixing things or breaking them or just make videos to have a laugh and some fun, but, there still needs to be some value, if your videos are “meh” then that’s the only reaction you’ll get and who wants fifty “meh” videos? 

Once you figure those things out you’ll have the right amount of videos for you to publish per week, but it’s always at least one, and don’t let the quality suffer.

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