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How To Get Your YouTube Videos On The First Page Of Google

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Hi guys and girls, this time I’ve got a quick blog post for you about how to get your videos to appear on the first page of Google, not YouTube, but the one that gets over 3.5 billion searches per day, now this can be great for getting people onto your channel as you’ll typically appear on the first page within the first few links with your thumbnail in there as well.

Now, Google uses very very complex algorithms to decide on what to show to a search query, but, there are certain types of search queries that will always show video results, why is this important to us? Because the vast majority of people use Google to search for things, and if you can bring someone into YouTube from Google then YouTube rewards your video and your channel by promoting the video more as it sees it as something of value.

Get Your Videos On The First Page Of Google

This can lead you to get lots of views and potential subscribers but be warned, people looking for quite a lot of these terms are passive viewers, less likely to turn into subscribers, you need to do that within your video by cross promoting your typical videos by using a combination of an end card, annotations and cards.

The search terms that typically show video results are as follows:

  • “tutorial”
  • “review”
  • “test”
  • “what is…”
  • “how to…”
  • “demonstration”
  • “explanation”

If the title of your video has one of these words in, then Google as it owns YouTube will usually show video results, and if your video is one that doesn’t have lots of competition then you’ll most likely be shown first or you’ll be the only one, look how much the thumbnail sticks out compared to the rest of the text links on the image below, which one do you think people are more likely to click on?


Now, to help our video when it appears on the first page we need it to be high quality, have an appealing thumbnail and title with a good, well thought out description. Google when showing YouTube videos in the results picks up typically the first 10-20 words (on desktop only) so, in your description sell the potential viewer the reason to watch in there.

Although this typically gets you passive views and not real subscribers that will interact with you, it can be great for if you have affiliation links in the description where you can make a bit of something from the sale of an item. As I said earlier, it’s up to you to convert the passive viewer into a subscriber, which is something for another blog post. (I can’t give everything away all at once now can I ? ;))

Happy Creating And Peace Out – 6M



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