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Lane Splitting Will Be Banned In Cali

4 1715

Howdy, this is about the US so I think I’ll just keep doing Americanisms for this one. Now, I just want to comment on the latest news that have bikers in Cali rejoicing, lane splitting is now recognised by the state and it’s now legal to do it… no more grey area. At last. But with what I’ve seen so far, it won’t last long, and heres why…

The vast majority of bikers that I see now taking advantage of this new found legality are doing it so recklessly and idiotically that eventually some bikers will get seriously hurt and even killed. I really really don’t want it to happen but a lot of the Cali riders are acting like a kid that’s just got the best toy for xmas and has lost their shit after a candy (we’re talking American after all) binge and like they’ve been snorting Red Bull (other energy drinks are available).

The problem with riding recklessly and irresponsibly is you’re not just putting yourself and other road users in danger, you’re also potentially fucking it up for every other biker in Cali. Eventually, after so many bikers are involved in wrecks and some have died that the people who make the decisions will see the data and will repeal the lane splitting legality and where it was once a grey area, it’ll no longer be and to make an example of the bikers (which governments love to do) they’ll end up imposing fines and more on any biker that is caught doing it.

Think about more than yourself and getting a bit of footage for your video or looking good in front of your buddies (keeping with the Americanisms ;)). Start treating filtering and lane splitting with a bit of respect, I’ve been pulled out on countless times over the years I’ve been riding and seen more than a few bikers knocked off as well… and they were thankfully at normal speeds, not the 70+mph stuff that I see some Cali bikers doing.

So what I’m basically saying is… Calm The Fuck Down. Treat the road with some respect because in a split second your world can change… and when metal meets skin and bones at the speeds some of you lot are doing, it’s never a good change.

Wth this post some might say I’m just a safety conscious PC lefty polite vest wearing scared of riding a bike like you stole it biker. Think that if you want, but the reality is… I just don’t want to see you guys get fucked up because of a combination of bravado, impatience and ego.

Set a good example for the rest of the US States to follow.

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  1. Wow, excellent written!

  2. I’m not subscribed to USA vloggers as all seem to delight in riding in a pack and recklessly. I watched 1 earlier that is wearing a neckbrace as he admitted to riding on roads just like he does on racetracks, result = he lost and the fence won.

    1. I am subbed to quite a few, moreso the big ones to see what they’re doing but a lot of the US vloggers especially the smaller ones just copy the big ones and anything they do, sucks really but that’s YouTube 2016 I suppose.

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