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Learn YouTube SEO – Part 3 – Intermediate

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Okay so, welcome back to the 3rd part of this series of YouTube SEO, now I hope you’ve read the first two parts because I ain’t recapping so go check them out at the links below and then come back, don’t worry, we’ll wait for you. (Puts kettle on).

Learn YouTube SEO – Part 1 – The Basics

Learn YouTube SEO – Part 2 – Beginners

Okay all done? Good stuff now let’s get into the intermediate part. So as you’ve read the other two parts I’m assuming you’ve done the whole Title, Description and Tags, those are the things that everyone should take time to do so now we’re gonna be talking about other ways to boost our SEO. So lets imagine we’ve done a full series of motorcycle reviews, now we’re going to do a few things.


First up we’re going to create a new playlist in YouTube, this is really simple to do and there’s another blog post on it right here:

Playlists are one of the greatest most under utilized things out there on a YouTube channel, not only can they fire a rocket up the arse of your Watch Time and views, they help with SEO, and this is what we’re using it for so once you’ve created a playlist we’re going to give it a searchable title and fill out the description. Playlists are great because they appear in their own search results as well as the main ones.

Then we’re gonna take that playlist and put it on our channel homepage, now our channel homepage is one of the best ways to get subscribers as a well laid out homepage can make you look professional and not only that the text we use to describe our playlists appear right under the title. So we need to think of a new playlist name for our videos, as this one is about a mock review of a bike we’ll title our playlist “Motorcycle Reviews”.

Nice, simple and easy, now, in the description we’re going to fill it up with keyword rich sentences all surrounding motorcycles so for example we’d do the following:

“Motorcycle reviews from all the major manufacturers: Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, BMW, KTM, Aprila, Ducati, Harley-Davidson. As well as some of the lesser known makers like Hyosung, Lexmoto, Zontes, Sinnis, Keeway, Lifan and Honley. I’ve teamed up with a local motorcycle dealer “insert name of dealer here” and they’re letting me ride away on some of these motorcycles and review them for you guys to see what they’re like, the good, the bad and the ugly. Check out the full playlist to see the bike reviews I’ve done.”

Sections On Your Channel Page

So now we’ve added the keyword laden description we’re gonna layout our homepage with this new playlist, and we can do this by logging in, and going to “My Channel” now we choose the “Add Section” part and choose Single playlist, then decide on a horizontal or vertical layout, vertical means some of the text from the description will appear next to the video, horizontal however shows more videos without having to click and see more.

YouTube have a really great video on how to add sections to your channel page here:

Do this for every playlist that you have, this is why it’s a great idea to have a series of videos as not only does each one appears separate in the search results from normal videos, it can boost SEO, it can also ramp up your watch time and views with the added bonus of you organising your content into an easy to see and follow format for potential subscribers and existing subscribers.

Also a side note is to make the playlist an “Official” one or as a Series Playlist, the benefit of this is that the next video in the series is more likely to appear in the Up Next column right at the top, it’s not guaranteed but it helps, the downside is that any videos that appear in that playlist can’t be put into another series playlist.

I think it’s good to have a little recap of what we’ve done in this series so far:

  • Title – Filled out with the keywords towards the beginning.
  • Description – First three lines are the most important, keyword heavy description with variations on the keywords.
  • Tags – a combination of specific, generic, compound, misspellings and constant.
  • Playlists – Description filled out, made into an official playlist or a series playlist.
  • Channel Page Layout – Makes it easier for potential subscribers to watch our stuff and helps in terms of SEO for our channel page.

Revisiting Tags

Now we’ve done that what we’re going to do is to revisit the tags slightly to help the videos relate to each other so, now we’ve got our playlist and let’s assume we’ve got a few videos in there of Reviews, now we’re going to go into each video and add some tags that we just use on those videos, a good idea for this would be to name your reviews something unique rather than the ubiquitous Motorcycle Reviews I’d name mine for instance “SixViews – Motorbike Review Videos” then for the tag that links them all together I’d use tags suxh as “SixViews” “Six views” “sixmiffedy motorcycle reviews” and a few variations of that, then I’d go into each one and add them into the tags section.

Now that’s done we’ve got two final things to look at and first up is the info cards. Info cards are those little things that pop out from the top right of the corner of your video, now in the video you’ll want to reference the other reviews you’ve done and highlight the card to the viewer verbally and phyically by pointing up to the corner of your screen, all this is so it increases the chance of them clicking on it and going to watch another of your videos.

If you manage to do this then YouTube recognises it’s happened and is more likely to promote the videos that cross link with each other as it’s boosted your overall watch time, it’s keeping people on the site and therefore means more adverts are shown to the viewers. It’s all about Watch Time, something I go on about in this vlog here:

Info Cards

Okay, so when we’ve finished uploading our video and we’ve done the above we’re going to go to the Cards section, now I could do another write up on how to use cards etc but I’ll let YouTube themselves tell you how to do it:

So now you know how to add cards we’re going to scrub on the timeline to the bit where we mention the other videos in the series and add a card to that video there, try to space out your info cards along the entirety of the vlog, you only get 5 per video so use them wisely and people don’t like to be bombarded with info card after info card, without context they’re pretty useless.

The End Screen

Finally onto the last thing we’re going to go to our end screen and add one or two of our other review videos on there to further help the watch time and continuation of the session by the viewer, I go on about end cards and how to use them below and in the video below that one I also go on about Supercharging Your End Screen to maximise your results.

So that I think covers it for the Intermediate part of the Learn YouTube SEO Series, next up is the Advanced part where we’ll be going off YouTube in an effort to get the most out of our videos and improving the chances they’ll appear higher in the search results and in front of potential subscribers. Now we’ve got the beginner and intermediate parts over with this will give you an instant advantage when trying to rank your videos higher in the algorithm, and for 90% of YouTubers, they don’t even do the basics so anything more than they do is a bonus.

I hope you guys and girls liked this post, sorry it took so long from the Beginner one to this one just I had time off while it was the off season for a lot of motovloggers and I wanted to cut it back a little bit but now the season has started, we’re hitting the ground running.

Peace Out And Happy Creating – 6M

I’m a Manchester based Motovlogger on YouTube, with over a decade of marketing and design experience including SEO, analytics and branding, my mission is to help out fellow YouTubers with their own YouTube channels and to help them grow as much as they can.

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