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Louis LiftStick Motorcycle Jack Review

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Let me just say, I cba with paddock stands, they’re unwieldy, cumbersome space taking things which is why I got the Louis LiftStick for just £24.99 and mainly for chain maintenance, but that’s only part of it.

The LiftStick can also be taken for when you’re touring on the road, at home or on the daily commute in case you get a puncture and need to plug it up before limping to the nearest tyre shop. It has a “tooth” style bottom to get grip on any surface with a hard rubber cushioned groove for your swing arm, there are other products like it, the SnapJack for example but I much prefer a winding jack to one that “snaps” into place, to me putting that amount of strain on a joint over time will weaken it.







It’s easy to use, simply attach the front brake strap (for added security), put the bike on the side stand and wind the bugger up under your swing arm, the great thing is you only need to wind it up so your back wheel rotates freely, not half a foot in the air. The Liftstick has a maximum capacity of 100kg, which you might think isn’t enough to lift a sportsbike, but here’s how it can, the Louis LiftStick isn’t taking the full weight of your bike, the side stand is taking it’s fair share and the front wheel also, so the weight is distributed, think of it less like a paddock stand and more of a friend that lifts your bike on it’s sidestand when you need to check the wheel.

IMG_0843 IMG_0847






Which is why it’s fantastic for touring and you don’t have a centre stand just prop your bike up with this, apply your chain lube or check your tyre for punctures, put it down and get back to hitting the Grimsel Pass or crawl along the M1 in a morning. It’s compact too at only just over 30cm long and weighs less than a 1L bottle of milk which means it takes up minimal room. Perfect for panniers and rucksacks alike so much so you won’t even know it’s there until your need it.

Click here to buy the Louis Liftstick for just £24.99 from Get Geared

Pro’s: Compact, Lightweight, Easy to Use, Cushioned swing arm groove, grippy foot

Cons: None

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  1. Thanks for your review, just was looking for something like this.
    I will get one as soon as I’m near a Louis.

    1. Hey my first comment 😀 thanks man. 😛

      1. Yeah!!!! Took over 50 f*ing years to be the 1st on what ever 😉

        1. Better late than never ;P

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