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Muc-Off Anti Fog Treatment Review

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I love my pinlock and I remember riding my old motorbikes through the winter(s) with a fogged up view because all those years ago I didn’t know pinlock existed, I used to just wash my visor in Fairy Liquid and put up with it being okay for a little bit then ultimately having to either ride with a frozen face or a fogged up view, neither of which was fun but I’m hardcore like that.

Then I got a non Pinlock visor for my Shark Vision R and instantly thought to myself “What a stupid cunt you are, why didn’t you think about this” and for the ultimate in anti-fog, a well fitted Pinlock visor is unbeatable. For when you don’t have a Pinlock visor this is the next best thing, the Muc-Off Anti-Fog Spray really does work, I’ve used others sparingly in the past and been left ultimately disappointed with their streaky semi foggy views after about 10 minutes of riding.


Now being a motovlogger I talk… a lot and mostly with my visor down as I want to protect my hideous face from the big wide bad world that we live in, partly because I like the old school mystery of the faceless motovlogger.

Now, when I say this works it really does work, it doesn’t last forever and it usually has to be reapplied every 6/7 rides (about 3/4 days). That’s fine for me as when I clean my visor I can anti-fog the bugger as well and carry on waffling on.

It can also be used on your action camera gear and GoPro cases to stop the fogging issue that plagues GoPros, use it on your MX helmet goggles or your glasses/sunglasses as well. At £6 for just 35ml it’s not cheap but you only use a couple of squirts to get the job done (ladies). Word of warning, wipe it on but not too much that your visor appears clean… you’ve just sprayed it on and wiped the stuff straight off. It needs to be a little bit streaky/greasey looking, trust me, when you put your visor on it’s fine.

Pro’s: Does what it says, lasts quite a while

Cons: Needs to be reapplied, has a chemical scent to it

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