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My Thoughts On YouTube Demonetisation

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So, now the dust has settled (kind of) and the vast majority of youtubers have spouted their mouths off over multiple videos (while still running ads on their videos mind you), people crying that this is the end of YouTube, it’s censorship gone too far, they want YouTube to turn into some family friendly no swearing video site (imagine the pope running a video site, minus the touching of kids).

Let’s have a proper look at the facts:
1. YouTube have been demonetising videos that aren’t advertiser friendly for a long time now.
2. All they’ve done is now notify you more clearly that your video has been demonetised.
3. Instead of trying to find some place to appeal it you can do it directly on your video manager page.
4. YouTube have taken note of the state of YouTube and the videos that are being uploaded on a second by second basis and are working to clean up the website.
5. YouTube still haven’t found a way to communicate with its creators.

Now even though the new guidelines seems excessive and would probably mean that most youtubers would fall foul of their new rules (myself included, I think the bikey-oke #3 is enough to get me permanently banned tbh). There’s reason not to despair. Plus how can you avoid having your videos demonetized?

First why you shouldn’t despair, easy, if you’re a small youtuber a la under 200k subs you aren’t gonna be making much money off Adsense anyway, so it’s no real loss. If you are over 200k subs you’ll most likely have a channel partner within YouTube and they’ll be able to help you out and if you’re one of the sites top earners >1m subscribers you’ll find that YouTube will want to keep you on the site and they’ll really really help you out.

There’s rumours flying around of course, you can help yourself by not having any swear words or trigger words such as rape, suicide, drugs etc in your title or in any of your tags, unless you’re confident the appeal would go in your favour.

There’s also a rumour about the automatic captions that YouTube generates for every video that’s uploaded and whether or not their Politically correct Rated U crawler bots can read that text, nobody really knows how it works as that would mean people would find a way around the algorithms.

Whatever it is there’s a few suggestions on what can be done better which will suit the advertisers and the creators and YouTube. The best one that I think would suit everyone is this:

Give the advertisers the power to decide on whether or not they want to advertise on those channels which have any of the things that go against the guidelines.

Simple really isn’t it. Now if only YouTube would’ve talked to its biggest creators they could’ve avoided this whole mess. Live and learn though eh… Oh yeah it’s YouTube we’re talking about here.

Something to note though is this:

YouTube haven’t introduced this as a new rule or law, they’ve always had these guidelines/rules and when you sign up to be a creator these are the things you agree to.

Let’s take this to the real world for a moment, if a celebrity does something bad or there’s bad PR then the brands that sponsor them quickly distance themselves and cancel the deals they have as they don’t want their brands names being sullied by association.

It’s exactly the same principle on YouTube.

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  1. I feel that the only people who would be afraid by this is the ones who can only get viewers by swearing and bait clicking titles….

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