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Oxford Aquatex Motorcycle Cover Review

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So I already have a motorcycle cover, the Oxford Stormex one and that, in my opinion, is the daddy of all covers, but it has some drawbacks, it’s big, heavy and cumbersome so I was trawling the website and I just decided to see which is the best-selling motorcycle cover on there, to my surprise it wasn’t the most expensive one or feature packed one but a relatively cheap one.

I decided to see if a £20 motorcycle cover really can be as good as a more expensive one so here we are, now first up in terms of build quality it’s up there with the Stormex, however something very noticeable is how thin the cover is compared to the Stormex one, even though it’s really well made with double stitching so it doesn’t rip like covers from a lot of other brands it feels thin. It doesn’t have the fleece lining inside like the Stormex but it’s not really aimed at the high-end motorcycle rider market either.

I’ve had it for a couple months now and my initial scepticism over the durability of the cover with all those hook points on a motorcycle meaning it might rip was unfounded.

One thing I will say though is that your motorcycle exhaust really does need to be a little bit cool before you put this on, I’ve not been brave enough to put it on straight after a commute due to the thin material, it’s something I can do with the Stormex however and not worry about.

I think the main thing is, how well does it perform as a motorcycle cover? And the answer is… excellent. It protects your bike from even the harshest of downpours, it has an underbelly strap to stop the wind from ripping it off your bike in the middle of the night and sending it right into your neighbours garden for a fun 5 AM game of “Where the feck has it gone!?” and giving you a nice cardio workout playing fence jumping.

One feature of the Aquatex is that it has the same hole at the front for chains to pass through so whenever you get to where you’re going you can chain it up through the cover with ease, The Aquatex doesn’t have the small pocket the Stormex does though to keep the padlock in.

It also has the elasticated band around the bottom so it can really hug the bike more and keep it more secure in high winds.

So now we know it protects your bike and does its basic job of being a cover, who is this really aimed at? Well if I were to commute into the city I could easily put this in my rucksack, tank bag or top box as it really does compact down to the size of not much bigger than a bag of sugar… and it weighs less than one of them as well.

Yes I know, motorcycles are waterproof but it’s not just about protecting the paintwork it’s about keeping it out of the eyesight of the scrotes that plague our cities, riding around on scooters stealing whatever bike they want, we’ve all seen their Modus Operandi. Ride round two-up, scout the area, come back later with an angle grinder or two and a couple more mates, chop the locks in under two mins and they ride off with your pride and joy.

Here’s why I’m saying this cover is good for commuters. If on their initial scouting run for which bike to steal will they more likely go after the CBR1000RR with one visible disc lock plus they can see there’s no alarm on it as the familiar flashing red LED is the big giveaway, or, will they go after your CBR1000RR when they don’t know it’s a CBR1000RR, they can’t see the alarm/immobiliser/tracker you’ve got on it and they can’t see you’ve got enough locks to rival Fort Knox?

Out of sight out of mind really does work, if they can’t see exactly what it is without upsetting the nudge sensor then they’re more likely to go after something else. As bad as it sounds until the Police get some powers to shoot on sight anyone two-up on a scooter with balaclavas on then it’s the philosophy of… I’d rather someone else’s bike was stolen over mine.

Also if you’re doing a tour on the motorcycle this can protect and keep your bike dry when you pull up at a hotel or campsite for the night. Which is nice.

You can get the Oxford Aquatex Motorcycle cover for just £19.99 by clicking here.

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