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Oxford Boss Alarm Disc Lock Review

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So I’ve had the Oxford Boss Alarm Disc Lock for about two and a half years now and it’s been outside in the freezing winters and wet springs, summers and autumns (I am in the UK after all) for all that time and it’s still going strong.

The alarm bit of the Oxford Boss Alarm Disc Lock buggered up within a year however, and it was always a touchy bugger, going off with the slightest of taps which is good I suppose but not at 6AM every morning in winter. The alarm itself is loud but not too loud, some people have said they wish it were louder.

Not to worry though because you can use it with the alarm mode or not, you just turn the shackle round so the red band isn’t facing the red arrow and it turns into a normal disc lock.

Although it is a heavy duty lock it’s still very portable, and will easily fit in a top box or tank bag, a rucksack and maybe even under a few seats.


The shackle is made of either 14mm or 16mm cut-resistant Boron steel encased in a rubber sheath for waterproofing so it’ll take some heavy duty tools to get it off. It is Thatcham approved and attack tested to 5 mins.

The Oxford Boss takes 3 AAA batteries and comes with 3 keys just in case you lose one or two of them, even if you do you can call up Oxford with a code and they’ll send you some replacement keys out, there’s also a minder cable for you forgetful lot just in case you try setting off with it still attached and do the dreaded scramble to try and stop you laying the bike down.

All in all it’s a pretty hefty looking and highly visible lock that should deter all but the most determined of thieves with power tools.


As I’ve had mine for two years it is starting to stick now when unlocking it so I’m thinking of giving it a vinegar/water bath to get the rust off as I think although it’s sealed and waterproof over time water will still get in and rust will form. Having said all that it’s a great lock and just looks the business, thankfully nobody has tried to rob my SV (who’d want it right?) but if they did I’d hope that this would deter them.

You can buy the Oxford Boss Alarm Disc Lock for £75 at the link below (note that although the picture shows it, you don’t get the chain):

Buy The Oxford Boss Alarm Disc Lock Here

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