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Oxford Stormex Motorcycle Cover Review

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I’ve gotta say that this is probably in my opinion the best motorcycle cover on the market. I’ve had the cheaper flimsier silver ones and the tent like ones that melt onto your pipes that make you curse the manufacturers into the fiery pits of hell.

This cover by Oxford is excellent, I don’t think I have any negative points to say about it and here’s why… I bought the Stormex Motorcycle Cover because I have a 14 year old bike and my 14 year old bike doesn’t like temperatures under 20°C overnight, it hates it so much so that it refuses to start in the morning without a bump (something Mrs.6 doesn’t find particularly enjoyable on a cold morning either).

Oxford Stormex in the snowShe can now stay comfortably snug in bed as with this cover I’ve never had to bump start Nigella (the bike) in a morning, it’s been through every type of weather shy of a hurricane (which I think it would still just laugh off).

Why is it so good? It’s got a heavy outer waterproof material to protect from any foul weather Mother Nature decides to throw at it, the inner layer is a soft heat resistant fleece-like anti scratch lining.

In addition to this it has four strategically positioned holes that let you put a chain through the cover at the front and rear with padlock pockets to keep your chain locks off the ground and stop them getting frozen or corroded.

Note that even though Oxford say to let the bike cool down before putting the cover on…I’ve put the cover on the bike almost immediately after riding so I can vouch for the heat resistant properties of the Stormex cover.

A couple of the finer details are the reflective panels that increase the visibility at night, which is great in case you’re touring or it’s left on the side of the road.

Just in case you’ve parked up and it’s windy the Oxford Stormex Motorcycle Cover comes with an elasticated bottom and an adjustable strap and clip that fastens underneath the bike so you can be sure it’s going nowhere.


With a window at the front top of the cover so you can include an Oxford Solariser to keep your battery in tip-top shape and a window at the back so you can see your registration plate, Oxford have really thought about and designed a motorcycle cover that can handle anything, it’s almost as good as a garage.

Pros: Too many to mention.

Cons: Get the size right before you order.

Click here to buy the Oxford Stormex Motorcycle Cover from £64.99 or check the video of it down below.


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  1. Thank you for including the post date. Some sites don’t & it bites.

    1. Really? Is that so it seems that they still might be putting out stuff so that people still turn up thinking it’s current?

      1. Dunno. 44Teeth don’t have dates as far as I can tell. I requested they add dates if for nothing else, so blogs can be read in order. Nice to simply know what season a road-test or an endoro race occurred.

        1. Yeah I suppose, don’t read many blogs so can’t really say but mine will stay on, if nothing else but to spur me to continue writing them.

  2. I have had one of these for 2 winters so far – well worth the price

    1. They really are the best cover if you haven’t got a garage.

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