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Oxford XA7 Screamer Alarmed Disc Lock Review

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So I had me pushbike nicked from my garden the other day, idiot me decided to leave it out and not fasten it up, when it happened I immediately thought about my motorbike and the security I’ve got on that, a disc lock and ground anchor with chain is a good thing but what about noise? It’s all well and good having bulky chains but noise and light is the best deterrent for a thief. There’s Something about a screeching noise when you’re trying to be subtle that really jars people into leaving things alone.

Well for the light I have a security light but what about the noise? You can get fitted alarms, and I’ve had one on my old SV650S and well it flattened the battery more often than not, so I opted for the XA7 from Oxford, at just over £25 it’s a relatively cheap bit of kit, I got it in bright yellow, one so I wouldn’t forget about it and two so if anyone sees it at night they can see it, and then you get the visual deterrent as well (I’d rather someone see the locks and think “I’ll not bother” than have a go and either break it or damage it so badly it’s unusable). In the past, I’ve had the Oxford Boss Alarmed Disc Lock, and that thing looked more meaty to be sure but eventually because it was a bike that was outside chained up the weather deteriorated the bearings that hold the shackle in and it crumbled after two years, now my bike is in a garage so no need to worry about water getting at it unless I’m out and about.

Anyway onto the lock, it’s a small bit of kit but weighty, I think if anyone did attack it the yellow plastic would break, but the metal does feel beefy, with not much space to really get a pop at the locking pin the alarm will be screaming it’s bollocks off before they even get through, however, as the battery is housed in the plastic part if a grinder got to it, it won’t be screaming for too long I’d think but when it goes off you don’t half know about it, a 110db alarm screaming inside a garage which I’m sure amplifies it due to the sound bouncing off the walls or something, but I wouldn’t want to be a sneaky little bastard thief and this go off near my head.

It comes with a 7mm pin that will fit onto most discs onto the little holes that are on most of them, waterproof keyhole cover to stop the water getting in and a button to turn the alarm on and off, with three keys for good measure.

How long it’d last in an attack? Not sure, unless I took a grinder to one myself… now there’s an idea, an expensive one though to start chopping up alarms to test the durability.

Anywho for around £25 to get a visual, audible and physical deterrent, you can’t really get much better from a trusted brand as well. If you’d like to buy the Oxford Screamer for yourself click this here link.

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