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Proline Windjammer II Review

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IMG_7593I hate wind noise, motovloggers really hate wind noise and viewers shouldn’t have to put up with that shit, trying to hear someones voice over white noise is akin to Gitmo torture interrogation so I bought the Proline Windjammer 2 to try and help get rid of it.

A bit of background, I have a Shark Vision R 2nd Series helmet and this comes with a perfectly working whisper strip, and the motovlogs I recorded with it were perfectly acceptable but I wanted better, I travel on the motorways pretty much 90% of the time so to vlog at motorway speeds and be able to hear my voice I added the Neoprene vented Windjammer II from Pro Line.

Its easy to install in seconds (the best way is turn it inside out and fold back over) and once it’s on, it stays on. Forever.


It handles wind noise and draughts brilliantly and adds an extra layer of wind protection and warmth so is a good addition for winter riders. If you hate wearing earplugs this product might help you as it gives the benefit of soundproofing without you needing to plug your ears up.

Some words of warning, because it stops air coming in under your helmet also means it stops air going out, and even with a pinlock, some fogging can occur so you will need to crack open the visor every once in a while. But that’s a minor thing for great soundproofing and clear audio.


The most important thing to note is this:

Once the windjammer has been installed after a while it is really very hard to remove without potentially damaging the paintwork to your helmet without using either heat or gunk remover or some other glue dissolver, even then it still looks like it will damage the finish.

Pros: Excellent wind protection, cheap, easy to install, added warmth.

Cons: Very Very hard to remove after it’s been on for a while, extra fogging can occur, can cause damage to finish if removed, ripping at the back due to usage.

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