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QBag Tail Bag 3 – Black Review

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I’ve had this 5 litre tail bag for a few months now so I figured I’d give a good ole fashioned review about it. First up is how it fits to the bike, two straps which wrap under the seat is how the base fits, these are then tightened, they hold well, even on my slightly tapered seat, as long as you get the straps tight enough the base doesn’t move, too loose and it and the bag can slide which isn’t desirable as you can imagine.

A nice sized 5lt capacity means you can fit quite a bit into it for your day to day stuff, works lunch, some sunglasses, a disc lock and chain, some action camera stuff, not the biggest capacity but it can handle a fair bit of weight, the instructions say 1kg but I’ve had way more than that in it and it’s not moved once.

The sturdy zips show no sign of wear and they clamp together so you could use a padlock on the bag if you wanted to, no way to lock it to the base means you’re carrying it with you however, which leads to probably the biggest problem of this tail bag, there’s no handle on it. Which means carrying this bag around is a faff, if you’re the sewing type you could buy a handle off eBay and sew one onto it if you wanted, but for £22 you can’t really complain too much.

Easy to take on and off the base as well means you don’t necessarily have to have it on the bike all the time. All in all a good bag, able to withstand the Northern rain without getting your stuff wet inside a hard construction, a nice liner inside with a mesh pocket all for £22. Not bad really and I’d rather have this bag take my day to day stuff than having to have a backpack on my shoulders all the time, freeing me up to just enjoy my ride and concentrate on that.

You can buy the Qbag Tail Bag 3 for just £22 from following this here link:

Q-Bag Tail Bag 3 £22

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