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Richa Carbon Winter Waterproof Leather Glove Review

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So my Weise Montana gloves I’ve had for over 3 years decided to bite the bullet and got a hole in them, these sun tanned waterproof beasties have seen me through some cold af winters here in the North West of England, unfortunately they’ve ripped on the fingers so I figured it was time to get some new ones. Now, I’ve had a rocky relationship with motorcycle gloves, especially with the RST brand so I decided to go cheap, thick, waterproof and opted for the… bear with me, the Richa Carbon Winter Waterproof Leather Glove (now there’s a mouthful).

For £40 from Sportsbikeshop, 230 reviews and 4.5 stars didn’t sound too bad. So I got them and I instantly noticed the difference in padding between my trusty Weise gloves and these, way more padding, you just don’t realise how much the filling gets compacted down over time until you put some new ones on and these are very comfortable when you put them on, I’ve had them a couple months now and they still feel the same as they did on day one.

I ride about an hour each way every day and as you can expect it rains quite a lot up here so close to the Peak District in The Rainy City of Manchester, and I can honestly say these Richa’s haven’t leaked once, so the waterproofing so far is good, but the gloves do get heavy when wet, you can tell they’ve been rained on and thus they also take a long time to dry, shorter obviously if you put them on a radiator but that can knacker the leather up and cause them to leak quicker. You can put them on wet though as the inside will be dry, they’ll just feel wet like you can tell with the weight.

Fastened as is the standard by a wrist closure and drawstring like most gloves which are easy to operate with gloves on as well. When it rains you have a handy wiper on the left glove and on both gloves in case you have a spill then there’s plenty of padding and a rough textured little finger. Now for the main point, are they warm. The simple answer is yes, these are warmer than other gloves but I can imagine when the temperature drops closer to 0° that after time you’ll feel the chill in your fingers, some inner gloves or heated grips would be a good partner to these, although inner gloves will make the bulkiness and loss of feeling even moreso.

A solid construction with some heavy duty stitching, there’s some reflective stitching on their as well which is good for signalling drivers I suppose. Being bulky you will lose some feeling on the controls but nothing to really complain about, even though I’ve beeped my horn randomly more than I care to remember, user error more than the gloves fault. The fit is pretty good to with the Richa Carbon Winters, obviously they aren’t going to fit everyone perfectly as they’re made to a template but I’m normally an L in gloves and L is what I got and L is perfectly fine for me, like all things breaking them in makes them more flexible.

So, all in all, a decent, well-priced glove that does the job so far, not too bad for £40, if you’d like to buy the… wait for it, the Richa Carbon Winter Waterproof Leather Glove then click this here link.

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