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RST Paragon 5 Textile Jacket Review

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Now I’ve had this Pro Series Paragon 5 Jacket by RST for about 7 months now and before this I had the RST Paragon 4 Jacket which lasted me about 5 years and I’ve gotta say this one is a massive improvement on the older version and it’s looking like it’ll last even longer.

RST Paragon 5 Textile Jacket Review

So first up is the fit, it fits true to size so if you’re an XL then get the XL, if like me you ride through all kinds of weather then you might like to go a size up so you can wear a layer or two under there. Not that it’s needed mind, I’ve ridden throughout winter with just a t-shirt on underneath even when it’s been down to -5°C (without including wind chill) and I’ve been perfectly warm and comfortable. This is thanks to the removable thermal liner and the combination of Max Tex, Ballistic and HT Textile materials this is made of.

RST Paragon 5 Textile Jacket Thermal Liner

RST Paragon 5 Textile Jacket CE ArmourArmour included is Level 2 CE approved and fully removable, you can find it on the back, shoulders and forearm/elbow. I like how the armour doesn’t just cover the elbow but extends down to cover the forearm for added protection. At first the armour is a bit stiff but after a week or so of riding with it the armour moulds to you and it just feels great when wearing it, it is a heavy bit of kit which I personally think is great as I want something reassuring for when I eventually bin it. Now I like the long jackets, I can’t stand short ones riding up and this also has the large connecting zip to connect your jacket to the matching RST Pro Series Paragon 5 Textile Pants (which I’ve also got, review to follow).

There’s no shortage of pockets on the Paragon 5 Jacket as well. On the outside you’ve got two zipped and buttoned at the front, but you can put your hands behind these pockets as though you’re putting your hands into a hoodie, one “map” pocket at the back of the jacket, then inside you’ve got two zipped pockets, one on the outer zip part and one fully inside, then you’ve also got another pocket on the fully inside on the right and just for good measure a smartphone pocket on the inside left, which will fit probably an iphone 5S maybe a 6 sized phone. No shortage as I said and I can fit an iphone 6S plus with a thick Otterbox Defender Case in the inner pocket and zip the pockets closed.

What do I mean by the outer zip part and fully inside part? Well the Paragon 5 jacket comes with two zips at the front to stop the rain from leaking in. I call it a storm zip and it works wonders, I’ve never had the jacket leak once on me while using them, make sure they’re zipped up to the top however and fastened with the Velcro at the top. Also at the top you’ve also got a detachable storm cuff which zips onto the neck and buttons across then Velcro fastens at the back.

Rain will never get in this way and I can attest that it works having ridden in winter, in the UK, in the North West (it rains quite a bit over here).

For when summer comes round not to worry about getting hot and bothered as this jacket has got more vents then you can shake a stick at (never understood that phrase I mean who shakes a stick at things!). You’ve got two on the upper arm, two on the forearm, two on the front upper (collarbone), two on the breast plus two on the back and each of these can be held open using the connecting button for added breathability.

Now I got the RST Paragon 5 Textile Jacket when it was relatively warm (37°C) and I can say that this is more than enough to keep you cool on the hottest of days (Dubai style temperatures for the UK). You can also take out the thermal liner and not lose any storage just in case you think that’s not gonna keep you cool enough.

All in all it’s a fantastic jacket for the price and I can see it lasting a very long time. It can handle any type of weather and keep you comfortable and dry with the reassuring build and armour of a more expensive jacket.

Click here to buy the RST Paragon 5 Textile Jacket from Sportsbike Shop For £229. An absolute bargain.

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