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RST Paragon 5 Textile Jeans Review

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I got the RST Paragon 5 Jacket at the same time as I got these Paragon 5 Textile pants and I had the Paragon 4 ones before that, there’s not too much difference between the two but enough to make me prefer the Paragon 5’s over the others.

First up is the fit, now the 4’s fit was loose and these are tighter especially round the calf and thigh so it all depends on how you ride on what size you’d get, for me I prefer to have the option of riding with or without something like denim jeans or chinos underneath so I went a size up, however when it came to the Paragon 5’s I had to go two sizes up so I could ride comfortably with jeans on and the thermal liner in. It’s up to you really.

Onto the main points, once you’ve got the right size you’ll find these are very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time thanks to the stretch panels and adjustable waistband. I’ve been out riding for hours with these on and they’re just comfortable all the way throughout, the armour is CE certified at the knee and it feels wider than the Paragon 4’s, it does have a pocket for the contour plus hip protectors but these are extra, the jeans are made of Ballistic and HT Tex material just in case the worst should happen.

Something which is different is how you fasten them, now on both the 4 and 5 range you have the zip, button and velcro waist adjuster, but with the 5’s you get the option to use the detachable braces (if you want) and you also have the standard zip connector to fasten your RST Paragon 5 Jacket to your pants.

For ventilation you’ve got zips on the thighs and they do a great job of keeping you cool in the heat thanks to the removable thermal liner and fixed mesh liner, if it does pour down on you though (and it does a lot near rainy Manchester) the RST Paragon 5 Textile Jeans handle every kind of storm with no problem whatsoever. If you’re in an extended downpour they might feel a little damp when you take them off but nothing ever gets through to your clothes.

At the bottom of the leg you’ve got a large zip for tucking your boots under and this helps keep the water out of your boots very well (I have the calf high Raptor 2 boots, check out the review here for some cheap waterproof boots). On your arse you’ve got both a reinforced patch for comfort and a rough piece of material to keep you from sliding around on the seat and this works very very well in the wet. The reflective patches helps you be seen in the dark as well and isn’t as garish as some reflective bits on other textile pants.

For £176 these pants are a great compliment to the Paragon 5 Textile Jacket and combined they’ve kept me dry, warm and comfortable for over 7 months now without any problems. You can get the RST Paragon 5 Jeans from Sportsbikeshop here.

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