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RST Paragon V WP Gloves Review

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I only wear all season gloves, this country doesn’t get warm enough to warrant summer gloves as we get about 2.25days of sun per year.

So I went for the RST Paragon 5 WP Gloves to ride in all year round. I’ve got them in the “height” of summer which means I can attest to the waterproofing and the comfort levels in 35° C heat. They’re really comfortable, warm yet breathable, waterproof but not suffocating all thanks to the good quality leather and Hipora liner.







The Paragon V gloves have carbon knuckles and extra padding on the palms for comfort and abrasion protection, something you get with a lot of gloves is uncomfortable stitching which presses on the inside of your fingers and makes longer riding uncomfortable, with these you get none of that, they fit true to size and are very soft and warm inside.







The standard adjustable wrist and cuff closures means a secure fit but added to this in case you need to open the wrist wider to get over the top of your gear they have a zip to accomplish this.

Overall a good buy and at £54.99 they’re great value, I’ll do a winter review of the RST Paragon 5 WP Gloves later on in the year but for now I’m very happy with these.

Pros: waterproof, warm, comfortable

Cons: None so far.

For just £54.99 you can get the RST Paragon V WP Gloves from:

Watch the review in HD DVD 4k quality here:

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