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RST Raptor 2 Motorcycle Boots Review

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I’ve had expensive SIDI’s, Alpinestars and some I’m ashamed to say brands of questionable quality before but these Raptor 2 Boots by RST are the best of the bunch and for only £80 they’re a bargain too. It’s no wonder why these are a best seller on the SportsBikeShop website.


Now I’m a sucker for names, I bought two sets of Sidi boots over the course of two years based solely on the name, Black Rain, how fucking awesome a name is that? Why two sets over two years? Well there was no ventilation and as a result the dreaded biker boot smell became too overwhelming for Mrs.6 that it was either me or the boots that had to go and I bought these based on the name too, Raptor, just…. yeah.

Now, I don’t really like short boots, something about them just feels wrong to me, I like the feeling of protection on my ankle and shin, it’s reassuring, maybe even confidence building, whatever it is I’m blissfully safe in the knowledge that when I eventually bin it that my lower legs and feet may be spared just a wee bit.


So I switched from my Alpinestars Faster WP short boot to something a bit more robust. Now I love the range of RST gear, it’s fantastic quality, middle of the price range, durable stuff and British designed and so I figured why not get some boots by them, they’re bound to be good right?

Yes, they’re fantastic, from the moment you put them on they’re very VERY comfortable with almost no breaking in period, the marketing bumph says this is due to the triple density insole but I say they killed a unicorn and lined the boots with it’s mane. They’re fully waterproof, trust me, in the wonderfully crazy British summer where it can be 37°C one second to torrential rain the next these boots handle everything that Mother Nature can throw at them, and then some.


The grip on the bottom of the boot is reassuring, not thick and cumbersome like cruiser style boots but not non-existent like some sports rider boots, the shin, ankle and heel protection combined with the anti-twist mid sole all help to instil confidence. These boots are the best of everything, a sports tourer, as comfortable on a Ninja as on a GS. I’ve had them now for a few months, and I’ve scraped the toes, I’ve treated them like crap but still they are what they’re supposed to be, a proper motorcycle boot.


Oh and the biker boot smell that plagued my Sidi’s? Non-existent thanks to the ventilation at the bottom and the anti-stank liner. If they were to be magically lost tomorrow I’d go and buy another pair without question.

Click here to buy the RST Raptor 2 Boots for yourself for just £80.

Pro’s: Comfortable out the box, vented, waterproof, shin, ankle & heel protection. grippy anti-twist mid sole, anti-stink liner. Unicorn Mane insole.

Cons: None.

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  1. So if you took them through deep puddles – over toes or ankle depth – H20 would get in thru the bottom ventilation?

    1. I’d guess so but I’m not gonna try it, and if you’re going in that deep a water you’d be better getting some real off-road boots

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