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RST Titanium Outlast Gloves Review

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So, I’ve had these gloves for a couple months now, and, if you don’t know the backstory, here’s a quick rundown. First up I had some RST Paragon V gloves, they broke after one month, then I got another pair sent to me by Sportsbikeshop for free, then they broke as well. For the video review of the Paragon V Gloves then see the video below:

I kicked up a bit of a storm on Instagram and Twitter and RST got in touch, they offered to replace my Paragon V’s with an upgraded pair for free, so here’s where I’m at, the RST Titanium Outlast Gloves, and they haven’t broken on me.

Okay so what is “Outlast”, basically it’s a fabric that regulates skin temperature used by NASA for their astronauts, sounds cool right? Well, it is in a way, you’re hands are neither hot nor cold and it kind of works, to a degree… that degree is 5°C, lower than that and you WILL feel the cold in your fingers.


I’m not a small guy by any stretch of the imagination, let’s just say I got my winter coat on and even I feel the cold in my hands with these when the temp drops, it’s such a shame as I thought this glove would be awesome, and it is, just the “Outlast” isn’t as magnificent as it says it is. I think it’s more a lack of wind protection rather than the RST Titanium Outlast’s liner messing up to be fair.

The good points are that the gloves are really comfortable from the moment you put them on, soft on the inside. It has a bit of padding on the palm for comfort while riding but not enough so you lose feedback. It’s grippy as well, so that your hands don’t slip in wet weather.


They’re totally waterproof thanks to the Titanium Outlast’s Sinaqua liner as I’ve been through quite a few heavy downpours while wearing them, even forgetting to tuck them inside my jacket sleeve once or twice. The small velcro wrist, heavy duty zip on the cuff and the large velcro cuff closure means that you can really close them tight to your gear as well and when closed tight they keep the rain out completely.


The armoured carbon fibre knuckles feel heavy duty and solid enough for any impact, whether that’s from an off or a wayward mirror that just happens to fall off the BMW that almost knocked you off…


Overall I think they’re a really good, solid pair of gloves, not 4 season gloves, 3 in reality. But with the heated grips on the SV it means I’ll be able to ride through winter with them, plus, I’ve got my inner gloves I can put on as well in case the temp really dips down this winter.

For just £67.99 these are great value for the money and perform really well in the wet, pretty good in the cold and they feel like they’ll be fantastic in the summer heat as well. You can find out more about the RST Titanium Gloves here.

For now that’s where I’m at, hopefully they won’t break like the RST Paragon V’s did and they’ll last me a good few years, if they do however I’ll be sure to kick up a storm as I hate with a passion products that don’t last as long as they should.

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