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Shark Vision R Motorcycle Helmet Review

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The world of motorcycle helmets can be a confusing place, they all look the bloody same, but fit differently, something fibre what and venturi vent who? I go off fit, if it fits then it’s good for me. I don’t care for all the waffly bollocks that comes out of the marketing departments of the helmet manufacturers as they’re so close to being the same as the rest it matters not.

Now, my head size and shape fits Shark helmets, not Arai’s, not Shoei’s, Sharks and I’ve had Shark helmets since I started riding and I’ve never been disappointed.


So when I started riding again just over 2 years ago I remembered my Shark RSI Smoke that I loved (also bought for the name see: Boots review.). Then I saw a helmet with a larger visor and it caught my attention, it was the only helmet at the time what had this… and it was by Shark, So I went for it, the Shark Vision R 2nd Series helmet in Matt Black. It was a new range when I bought it so there was no colourways like there are now.

This is in my opinion the perfect motovlogging helmet (for me), it fits perfectly, there’s an acceptable level of wind noise without ear plugs, it’s comfortable, pinlock visors are out there to use and I thoroughly recommend pinlock visors. The build quality is fantastic and it has a quick release chin strap so no messing round with a Double D.


It comes with a whisper strip as standard which if you’re a motovlogger like me I also recommend installing. With removable washable cheek pads and liner to freshen it up every few months weeks.

It’s got a Sharp Rating of 4/5, Sharktooth ready and a drop down sun visor, now the bumph is out the way whats it really like? It’s comfortable, quiet and light enough so that it’s not tiring even after hours of riding, it cuts through the air great and with the larger visor it means it’s safer too.


For motovlogging purposes only I’ve added a Proline WindJammer 2 onto the bottom of it to cut the already acceptable wind noise even further, also, if you wear glasses this helmet has been designed so that you can wear them comfortably.

Bad points? Only a few minor ones in my opinion:

  • The drop down visor isn’t dark enough for my liking, I ride west to east in a morning and east to west at night so I get the sun in my face no matter what and I ended up buying an aftermarket visor to compensate.
  • Even though you can get a pinlock for the main visor, you can’t for drop down visors so if you ride in the winter sun with visor down and you drop the sun one it fogs up in 0.000000001 seconds.
  • The vents I’ve found are pathetic, but that’s pretty much the same for most motorcycle helmets.
  • The quick release chin strap is fantastic but if you get the strap wrong when you fasten it up there’s a sharp bit on the strap that makes you think a Bandido has you held hostage at knifepoint.

Aside from those minor niggles the helmet is a fantastic one, comfortable, light, quiet and with the extra wide visor means for my next helmet… I’ll most likely be buying another, maybe next time in a different colour though.

Click here to view the Shark Vision R 2nd Series range, starting at £219.

Pros: Lightweight, Comfortable, Large Visor, Pinlock Ready, Sharktooth Ready, Quick Release Retention System

Cons: Drop down visor isn’t great, sharp bit on chin strap, crap vents

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