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The Future Of YouTube

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Hi guys and girls, there are two new big things that are coming to YouTube and both of them will have a massive impact on the reach you have for your channel.

The first one is live streaming video.

Now this is something you can do on a Twitter currently via Periscope and I’ve not yet done it as I saw no way to link it back to my YouTube channel so saw no point in it.

However in the near future, YouTube will roll out the Live streaming feature for mobile which could change the game for us. The YT experts are predicting that 2017 will be the year of live streaming. So how can we get ready for it? Simple really, think of ideas that can be done relatively quickly and make use of the feature.

Maybe quick q&a sessions with our subs? Maybe if you’re doing a particularly nice road find a way to mount the phone on the bike and show people? A quick way to put our thoughts out about breaking news or things that happen? Live stream a bike meet?

I’m opening this up to you guys and what you think we could use it for.

The second is YouTube Community/Backstage.

YouTube is currently developing a feature called Community/Backstage that will allow creators to share photos, polls, links, text posts and videos with their subscribers, according to a report from VentureBeat.

The feature will add a new tab to users’ channels, according to VentureBeat, and posts on this tab will be shown in reverse chronological order, and they will also be shown in users’ feeds and notifications. In addition, users will be able to share posts to other social networks.

According to VentureBeat, Community/Backstage is expected to launch on mobile and desktop by the end of 2016. The initial launch will be for “select popular YouTube accounts,” VentureBeat reported, and it will have “limited features.”Over time, YouTube plans to introduce a way for subscribers to reply to posts with “photos, videos and other types of comments,” VentureBeat reported, adding that users will also receive the ability to share Backstage-only videos with their viewers.

As YouTube has been losing ground to Facebook videos and now Twitter is trying to get in on the act YouTube is seems are trying to take the best of all platforms and put it under one roof.

Are you guys excited about this, or do you think it’ll make it harder for you to manage your channels? Or make it open to more spam and meme spam?

I’d love to here your thoughts on this one as it could affect all of us in good and bad ways so leave those comments below.

Peace Out And Happy Creating – 6M

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  1. Surely it’s intriguing, I guess let’s this things come, then trying it out. Then we’ll see for whom it’s gonna be a valid extension and who isn’t in to that. Of course the more possibilities you use the more time you need to take care of that properly.
    And with all the social medias and options the more time you will use.

    1. yeah finding the time to do all these different things will be hard for sure, it’s up to the individual to decide which to devote time to and promote.

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