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Things Nobody Tells You When You Start A YouTube Channel

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When you first start a YouTube channel all bubbly and excitable, thinking you’ll be at 100k in two months… tops, there are certain things that nobody tells you. So here’s mine, for the new YouTubers out there.

It’s Fucking Hard.

Now I’m not talking about you after you saw Captain Rambunctious’ face reveal (🍆), I mean running a YouTube channel is bloody hard work.

From deciding what content to make, to promoting it, nevermind getting subs (and then losing half of them per month). It’s all hard work, and it doesn’t get easy, it gets a bit easier when you find a routine but for the most part, it’s bloody hard work. Especially when you first start out.

It’s Not All Fun And Games.

Yes it’s great fun to go and ride your bike, get the camera running and capture everything and anything you see but after that comes the editing.

When you first start out unless you’ve got prior editing experience you’ve gotta learn that shit quick. Learn an entire new program and how to edit in a short period of time. Only for the bollocksing thing to crash on you just when you’re about to render. Missing files, corrupt videos, times when you forget to plug the mic in (we’ve all done it), broken microphones, bad SD cards, bad weather, shit on the lens, these are enough to drive someone mad.

YouTube Isn’t There To Support You. Ever.

They only might be there for you if you’re one of their top earners (+4m subs), otherwise you ain’t shit to them.

Trust me they will slam your ass to the kerb like a cheap hooker with herpes if you fuck up just slightly. For the most part being a small YouTuber is like in Judge Dredd and we’re all living in the Cursed Earth (outside the walls), only by sheer dumb luck and winging it we might be able to get into the city.

It’s a Time Thief.

If you thought you’d just be able to do a bit on the side here and there and actually turn it into something well shit you better just delete your channel.

To make it in any way shape or form you need to dedicate a large part of your time and life to it. YouTube loves routine and quantity over quality. If you ain’t uploading regularly it just don’t like you. Be ready for early rises and late nights editing and uploading, typing and planning.

Having a plan really, really helps.

It sounds awkward or anti freedom or some shit but having a plan to your channel and content really does help.

It focuses your attention on the things you should be doing and helps you make stuff with that goal in mind. Fumbling around making content just for the sake of making content is okay but having a plan makes your channel grow quicker.

You’ll Spend More Money Than You’ll Make.

Adsense is pathetic, it’s a fair split I suppose 55/45 but the level of views needed before you even break even on all the gear you buy is ridiculous.

Especially for someone new. From buying cameras, microphones, editing software, a decent computer to edit on, lighting equipment, new gear, keeping your bike running, stickers, giveaways et al. It costs to run a channel, more than you’ll make anyway.

It’s Lonely As Fuck.

Even though this is a social website and we have subscribers that comment on our videos plus the social media profiles we have on Twitter and Facebook, it’s you thats up until early morning editing, on your own.

Nobody else is there taking pictures and promoting your shit on Instagram, nobody else is making t-shirt designs for you. Nobody. You’re on your own chief, until you can afford to get a “team” for your channel. Even then, you’re still lonely. Get fucking used to it.

You Won’t Get Millions Of Subs Overnight.

Unless you have a viral hit or two or you get in with a bigger YouTuber that’ll shout you out then you’re gonna grow slowly.

Don’t worry, there’s hundreds of thousands of channels just like yours growing just as slowly. Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and glowy inside? No? Ah well, suck it up fruitcake because getting subs, and not just subs but subs that’ll keep coming back is fucking hard.

Unless You’re A Girl, Gaining Subs Is Tough.

Lets be honest here, the majority of viewers on YouTube are male. Teen or preteen males at that, they make up a very large demographic of the viewers, so what do a lot of them like to see?

You got it, girlies. It’s well known that if you’re a girl on YouTube the guys will just flock to you like moths to the flame, its just these moths are dicks, horny, socially awkward, would never say the shit they put in the comments to your face… dicks.

It doesn’t matter if your content is shit, average or top of the line, as long as they think they might see some part of you covered or not then they’ll tell you they love you, how beautiful you are, one of the best youtubers around… bla bla bla. They’re idiots, they think they actually have a chance with you by sucking up to you. Ugh, are we really that basic? Yes, yes we are.

Did I tell you how nice you’re looking today? *sliding into those dm’s*

You’ll Have Many Moments When You Want To Quit.

I’ve left his one here because it’s less jokey than the others and is probably the most important. Growing a channel is hard work and everyone has ups and downs, some weeks you’ll get loads of views, some weeks those views will be a trickle.

It’s easy to get disheartened when you don’t see the growth, views or comments coming in. But the one thing you mustn’t do is quit. It’s what happens to a shitload of Youtubers. They lose the will and drive to do it. But you gotta ride the rough with the smooth and stick it out. If there’s one thing to take from this post it’s this:

Just Keep Uploading.

Peace Out And Happy Creating – 6M

I’m a Manchester based Motovlogger on YouTube, with over a decade of marketing and design experience including SEO, analytics and branding, my mission is to help out fellow YouTubers with their own YouTube channels and to help them grow as much as they can.

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