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Tubebuddy Review

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Welcome back guys and girls, this is a bit different from the other posts I normally do but, I’ve been using this for over three months now to manage my channel in a variety of ways. I’ve left it this long to tell you beautiful bastards about it so I can tell you the in’s and out’s, the good and the bad.

I use a browser plugin called Tubebuddy to make running my channel, promoting my videos and getting more views and subscribers easier. It does so much more than just help manage your channel, so much so that I think I need to run this over a few blogs. What it can do is so broad that I can’t possibly cover it all in one post without it turning into a mini novel so this one is a (long) summary/review, so lets get into it.

TubeBuddy enables you to manage your channel more effectively, and it’s tools are divided up into 5 different sections:

  • Productivity
  • Bulk Processing
  • Video SEO
  • Promotion
  • Data & Research

So let me give you a brief overview of each one, the things you can do, what I found most useful and the problems I’ve got with TubeBuddy.



In here the tools are solely based on helping you manage your videos more effectively. There’s a vast multitude of things to use in here, the ones I found most impressive are the ability to directly publish your videos to Facebook from YouTube, the Schedule Go-Live function, the Comment Filters which make it easier and quicker to reply to your viewers and the video topic planner where you can put your ideas for vlogs in and never forget about them again.

I especially like the Publish To Facebook as it’s done in 1 click and there’s no need to go to FB, login, get to your page, upload a video to Facebook and then type out another description. The Comment Filter button means I can see just the comments I’ve not replied to or ones that I have replied to but there’s a follow up comment and you can filter seeing positive comments or negative ones and much more…

Bulk Processing


This section is all about updating annotations, descriptions, cards and playlists so you can focus on making your content instead of going into each individual video and amending links or amending descriptions. For example the ones I use the most are Bulk Find, Replace & Append and Bulk Update Annotations.

Here’s how, I’ve recently got some new gloves, the RST Titanium Outlast ones to replace the RST Paragon V Gloves and at the bottom of every video I have the list of gear I use with a link to buy them, now, to manually go through each video and amend the text to show the new glove with a new link would take hours. But by using the Find, Replace & Append function I changed all the videos that had that link in it to the new one and it took me seconds. It shows you which videos have the link, which ones it has successfully changed and if there’s any errors.

I did the same with the bulk update annotations as I found out that a lot of my subscription annotations I put in the videos was wrong as YouTube changed how they look and work so I needed to update them all, something which again would’ve taken me hours to do was done in seconds.

Video SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


The Video SEO tools are there to help you and your videos get noticed on YouTube. That’s it. I talked about SEO in my last video a bit and it’s something I’m going to focus on in the winter months more but this makes it so much easier to do. I use almost all of the tools in this section to improve the likelihood of my videos being found by a potential viewer/subscriber and the tools Tubebuddy provides that I use the most are the Suggested Tags, Tag Sorter, Tag Explorer, Search Rankings and the Captions Service.

After I’ve put my title and the description in I click on the Suggested Tags button and the popup will analyse what your title and description is and suggest Tags for you to use on your video for search and for related videos (which can help your videos dominate the up next column/related videos box).

Then after I’ve got my Tags I sort them in order of priority using TubeBuddy to help my videos rank better. There’s also the Tag Explorer which will show you the Tags used in the Top Ranking Videos for you to steal and use in your own.

Something which lots of YouTubers don’t do is get captions on their videos, it’s something I’ve only recently started doing and I don’t do it for every video yet but just the select ones, having captions benefits your SEO and helps YouTube decide what your video is about even more and you can do this through TubeBuddy as they use 3PlayMedia (a captioning service) at an extra cost on a per video basis.



This one is awesome, you know how I say to connect with as many people as you can and really get into a community and communicate with people? Well this helps you accomplish that, just with less effort. Check this out, with Tubebuddy in your comments section you get a faded TB logo next to every comment, click on that and it shows you that commenters’ social presence.

This includes how many subs they have, views and uploads, it lets you connect instantly to them on their Social medias and to send them a private message, all from the comment section on your video. I found this little tool amazing at broadening my reach on Social Media and growing my followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Also there is the Description Promotion tool, this can add a link to the description at the top or bottom of all your videos, giving people a message and a link to your latest video.

Data & Research


Think of these tools as having your YouTube analytics on Steroids. The ones I found most useful are Best Time To Publish, Brand Alerts, Channelytics, Health Report and Social Monitor.

The best time to publish analyses when your subscribers and non subscribers are most active and likely to view your videos and gives you the best time when to release a video. That’s why my videos are out on Wednesday at 11am GMT and Saturday 11am GMT. Wednesday is best for subscribers and Saturday for non-subscribers.

Brand Alerts tells you when someone makes a video about you or your channel.

Channelytics lets you see how other channels are performing compared to yours, an awesome tool to see how well you’re doing compared to others. So, you can use this to best gauge whether the content you’re making is having a similar effect and to get the general feel of the community.

The Social Monitor part of TubeBuddy lets you know where and who is talking about your videos across Twitter, Reddit, Google+ and Pinterest so you don’t need to manually go to every social network and search for it. For Twitter it’s also great for seeing Like Tweets from others that you might’ve missed.

That’s just a sample of the tools that this plugin provides. I’ve found TubeBuddy to be an awesome addition to my tools to help manage the channel and get the most out of my videos.

Bad points

  • Sometimes the plugin is slow to load and can affect me writing the description of a video out as quickly as I’d like, I’m not sure why this is (maybe it’s analysing the text in the background) but it’s not a massive problem as I can just type my description in a notepad/textedit file and copy and paste it.
  • Some of the features aren’t available to you which I think should be such as A/B testing on the Star level, how TubeBuddy works is on a pricing ladder so there is a Free one but there’s also three other paid for levels, each one giving you access to more tools. I’m personally on the Star level as I find it gives me the best range of tools for the price and the one below doesn’t let you do certain things which I needed.
  • The Suggested Tags and Tag Ranking functions aren’t as accurate as I’d hoped. Don’t get me wrong they’re great but they could be better, the Tag Ranking in particular does work but not amazingly.
  • The backups and export functions aren’t great, sometimes they get stuck and I practically gave up with them.
  • The subscriber outreach function is good but it doesn’t work when you hit the load more button, it just doesn’t load as more subscribers are loaded. So they need to work that bug out.

The Pricing

As I said there are 4 different price schemes and I’ll quickly go over those now:

Free – Free (duh)

The most basic one, I think this is to whet your appetite, it gives you a lot of functions but is missing out on quite a few critical ones, I’d use this first and see if it’s something you like and then consider upgrading to either Pro or Star.

Pro – $9 per month (but if you have under 50k views there’s a half price discount)

This unlocks even more features notably missing from the Free version such as Best time to publish, Community connect, Tag explorer and Suggested Tags, Comment filters, playlist actions, and a few others.

Star – $19 per month (no discount for under 50k views)

I got this one as I think it’s a happy balance between price and the amount of features you get, on this level it unlocks abilities such as: Publish to FaceBook, Schedule Go-Live, Bulk Update functions, Search Rankings and Community Connect.

Legend – $39 (no discount for under 50k views)

This gives you every feature available that isn’t available to the Star level, notable ones are: Bulk Publish to Facebook, Video A/B Tests, Tag Translator, Competitor Scorecard and Channel Access. I think this level is for YouTubers with big audiences and they have people that help manage their channels. I personally don’t have the need for those tools (although the A/B testing would be nice) and for the extra $20 per month compared to the Star level means I didn’t see the value in it… maybe one day I will when the channel gets big but for now I’m perfectly happy on the Star level.

There is a full pricing table with a comparison chart on their website, just click this link to see it.


If you want to try the plugin out for Free to get a taste for it be my guest but I think the limited tools you get will only make you want the Pro or Star levels. Like I said I’ve been using TubeBuddy for a few months now and I’ve found it an invaluable tool to help me make the most out of my channel.

Full Transparency – Something you won’t hear a lot of YouTubers say 😉

Please note that the links I’ve put in are affiliate links so that means that if you signup to a paid version of Tubebuddy from clicking the links then I get a cut of it, you guys and girls know I’m honest and straightforward af and not many YouTubers would tell you when they’ll get something back but I do because I believe in being honest, and transparent, also know that I have not been paid to do this blog post for TubeBuddy I do pay for my subscription.

By signing up not only will you be helping me and what I’m trying to do on YouTube you’ll be getting such a great plugin at no extra cost that will improve your YouTube channel and help you grow quicker. A Win-Win in my eyes. Thanks for reading this far if you’ve made it ;).

Peace Out And Happy Creating – 6M

I’m a Manchester based Motovlogger on YouTube, with over a decade of marketing and design experience including SEO, analytics and branding, my mission is to help out fellow YouTubers with their own YouTube channels and to help them grow as much as they can.

Learn more. Do more. Be more.

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