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Understanding YouTube Analytics – Sharing

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Hello and welcome back to another of my Understanding YouTube Analytics guides, so far we’ve covered Audience Retention, Traffic Sources and Subscribers. This one is about the Sharing section of YouTubes analytics, not the most important one but still very useful to understand.

Okay so just like the other times, we get to the Sharing section of YT analytics by first getting to our analytics homepage and on the left we scroll down to the Engagement Reports section and click on Subscribers, and you should get a page like this:


Again the line graph is a terrible view so lets change it to bar graph and it makes it a whole lot nicer and more informative:


Underneath the new bar graph is a list of all the videos that have been shared and how many times they’ve been shared in the past 28 days (default).

This is great because if we can see which videos are the most popular for people to share then we can see the type of video we might want to produce in the future to try and replicate the success of the original one. So for mine the most popular for shares in this last period is this video:

If we click on the title of the video it’ll bring us to a breakdown of which service or how our video was shared, this can also benefit us as if we say see a video being shared a lot to Facebook but our presence isn’t the greatest on Facebook then we might want to change that and try to get our Facebook page more interaction and try to build it up more.

As always we should compare the data we get from a month on month basis so hit the comparison button at the top of the homepage and choose previous period, as long as the bars at the top are bigger than the lighter coloured ones underneath, you’re doing something right.

So although there doesn’t look like much in the Subscribers section it can tell you a lot about where your video is going off of YouTube, which could then influence how we promote our videos on the separate social medias out there.

That’s pretty much it for the Subscribers section, but, I’ll leave you with this, sharing a video is one of the greatest things you can do for another creator, not only do Shares help their video perform better on YouTube and make them more likely to be promoted by YouTube, you also expose their videos to new people, which in turn could help them grow their channel just that little bit quicker.

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