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Understanding YouTube Analytics – Subscribers

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Hi guys and girls, this is the next in the long list of “Understanding YouTube Analytics” series of posts, and this time we’re gonna be looking at the Subscribers section of YouTube Analytics.

Why are we doing this? Well if we can find out where people are subscribing then we can devote more time to improving that part, conversely, if we find out where they’re NOT subscribing then we can focus more time on making that better as well.

Okay so to get to the Subscribers section of Analytics go to the YT Analytics homepage for your channel and then Scroll down to the Engagement Reports section and click Subscribers.

Okay now you’ll get a page that looks like this:


So, it looks like there’s not much to work with here but we’re gonna change that in a minute, for now lets just see what we’ve got. At the top we’ve got the total number of subscribers we’ve gained within the last 28 days by default, next to that is the amount we’ve gained minus the ones we’ve lost which is right next to it.

Underneath we’ve got a line chart which I think is the most unhelpful one on there so change it to the bar chart one and get a better idea of what’s going on, (bar chart is the 4th icon down, and it changes the view to something like this:


Now this is more like it but we’re gonna just leave that one alone for now and look at the table underneath and here’s where we see the real information, if you click on Channel/other it just takes you through to a Geographical breakdown of where your subscribers are based and it looks something like this:


This can be useful say if you’re getting lots of subscribers from a non-English speaking country then you might consider getting your videos transcribed (closed captions/subtitles) in the language of the country they’re coming from. It can also be good to see how you’re doing in the bigger markets for the type of videos you do, so, for motovloggers the US is the biggest and hardest one to break into (for those of us outside of the US), followed then by AUS (again for those outside of AUS). So using this you can realisitcally measure how well you’re gaining traction in those countries which will ultimately help you grow quicker.

For now lets back out of that page back to the homepage of the Subscribers part and click on Video in the table, it should bring you to a page that looks like this:


And now this can be the most useful one, if you can see a certain type of video or a topic of a video that you’ve made that has gained you more subscribers, then you can try and do another video in the same vein and potentially increase your subscriber count quicker. As we can see from the picture above for me the two that are getting more subscribers (in the last 28 days) than the others are “Top 5 Mistakes New Motovloggers Make” and “How To Get Clear Audio For Motovlogs”, both of these specifically are about motovloggers/motovlogging and I can use this information to maybe do another Top 5 video about the motovlog niche or do a topic that can benefit motovloggers in general.

If you click on any title of a video then again it takes you into a geographical breakdown of where people have subscribed from and again we could use this information to get our videos transcribed into another language or we could find out about a trending topic from that part of the world and do a video about it, this could gain you even more subscribers and you could tap into a new resource/market.

Okay, so lets go back into the homepage because as always what is the point of data if there’s no comparable data to judge it by? So lets hit the Comparison button at the top and change the newly created row to the Previous Period by click on the dropdown that currently says Last 28 days, once you’ve done that it should change the view to something like this:


Right, so now the last 28 days will be on the top row in the bar chart and the previous period is the lighter colour underneath. So, now we’ve got that we can see if our Videos are getting more/less subscribers on our channel.

If the darker colour is bigger than the lighter colour then you’re doing good and all is good with your channel and videos, however, if the darker colour is smaller then there could be something wrong. Please note though that a channel will have ups and downs and periods of stagnation, but if it’s happening month on month on month you may need to look at either how your channel is laid out, with playlists, a new trailer, a different banner and maybe a better About Page description (which will be the next blog post), or if the darker Video one is smaller than the lighter one you need to promote subscribing more within your videos either by asking people to and/or using annotations with a subscribe button and possibly within the description part of your videos.

And that’s where I’m gonna leave it guys and girls I hope you found this informative, if you did then let me know or share this post on the Social Medias by clicking the buttons to the right as it really helps small creators like me and you can help others by letting them know this information.

Peace Out And Happy Creating – 6M

I’m a Manchester based Motovlogger on YouTube, with over a decade of marketing and design experience including SEO, analytics and branding, my mission is to help out fellow YouTubers with their own YouTube channels and to help them grow as much as they can.

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