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Understanding YouTube Analytics – Traffic Sources Part 1

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Okay, so welcome back to another of my blog posts about YT Analytics. Understanding the data within YT Analytics is key to your growth and one of the main ones is Traffic Sources. Now, Traffic Sources give you a break down of where/how your videos are being found and if you know where your audience are finding you, then you can devote more time to that platform than any other and reap the rewards.

For example, lets say you put a shit ton of effort and time into cultivating your Instagram following. Posting daily pictures and videos getting them Instahearts popping up, you assume that because people are following you on IG then they must be going to your YT channel and shit, right? RIGHT!? Wrong motherfucker! (said in a Samuel L. Jackson Voice).

You’ll find that most people tend to stay on the platform they’re on, you can have a following on IG that doesn’t even know you post stuff on YT and likewise for FB, but Twitter seems to hit everyone and it’s probably the best for motovloggers. But, Facebookers like staying on FB and Instagrammers like staying on IG. Stubborn bastards.

Okay, so that’s out the way now lets get all Data-ey and shit, and really find out where your views are coming from so lets hit that YouTube Analytics button and then hit the one that says Traffic Sources (about half way down the menu). Now we’ll be greeted by a page that looks kinda like this:


Now this looks complicated af so lets hit the bar chart option and it turns into something more visually appealing like this:


Now we’ve got that we’ve got 5 bars, and each of these bars goes like this:

  • Browse Features
  • Suggested Videos
  • YouTube Channels
  • YouTube Search
  • External

It’s too much to go over each one in detail for now so I’ll leave that for another blog post on another day. The one we’ll concentrate on today is External, possibly the smallest of the bars but one of the most important, you see YouTube looks at it like this:

YouTube wants to show adverts to people > To show more adverts to more people it needs more active users > If you bring someone onto YouTube from another site (external) then YouTube recognises this > If that person then goes onto watch more of your videos Youtube recognises this and gives you the benefits. > IF however that person goes onto watch someone else on YouTube from you bringing them in then… YOUTUBE STILL REWARDS YOU.

Think about that, if you bring someone onto YouTube and after watching your video or part of your video they then continue their viewing session then you get the benefit as the users overall session time is higher and YouTube has shown more adverts to that person. vis-à-vis, you win as you brought them on. Fantabulous, no?

So lets scroll down and click on External in the table beneath the bar chart, once you’ve done that you’ll get a view like this:


Ah, now this is more like it, as you can see from mine Twitter is top of the lot, cream of the crop. Followed by Google Plus (the communities are great for getting views), then Google search which is awesomeness, as this means people are searching for things on Google then coming onto my YouTube (thanks reviews).

Now, if we scroll down we’ll see every place externally that has brought people in to watch our videos, it looks something like this:


Now, clicking on any of those in the table will give you a geographical breakdown. Which is pretty useful to see because then you might want to get transcripts made for your videos so people from a different language speaking country would find it easier to understand… but that’s for another blog post.


As always though there is no point in having data unless you can compare it so scroll right to the top and lets do a comparison, click on the Comparison button at the top and leave the top one as last 28 days and for the one underneath choose previous period.

Your screen will change to something like this:


Now, as long as the top bars are bigger than the ones directly beneath it, what you’re doing on your channel is correct. If not however, you might want to devote a bit more time getting people in. I don’t want to overload you beautiful bastards as I could make this blog post go on and on and on about this topic.

For now ladies and gents I’m gonna leave it there, using the external sources part of Analytics will help you see where you’re bringing people in from and when you do that you can devote more time to promoting yourself on those platforms.

If you liked this post then be sure to check out all my others by hitting the blog/reviews or the tips, tricks & tutorials at the top. Let me know if you found this useful, interesting, informative or whatever.

Peace Out And Happy Creating – 6M

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