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WD40 Chain Cleaner Review

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Although I do minimal maintenance on my bike there comes a time when you just have to bite the bullet and clean your chain, lest it needs to be replaced quicker than it should and you resent yourself just a little bit more each day. So yes, it’s a horrible task but it’s made easier with a good brush, some sunny weather and a good chain cleaner.

Enter the WD40 Specialist Range, I use the WD40 Chain Lube pretty much exclusively as I like the WD40 brand and it seems to last longer than the other brands I’ve tried but to be honest chain lube is all a matter of preference. So I thought to myself if I’m using that I may as well use the Chain Cleaner to go with it. Now this is a simple review with just a few questions which will mean it’s either an excellent product or a total waste of money:

  1. Does it REALLY help clean the chain?
  2. How much of the stuff do you need to use?
  3. Is it a cost-effective product?

Does It REALLY help clean the chain?

So here we go, number one, does it really help to clean the chain over not using anything, well yes it breaks down the gunk and crud that resides on your chain much easier than if you were using nothing at all. Pretty obvious that one. But how well it does it is just damn amazing, no hard scrubbing needed, just spray on the WD40 Chain Cleaner, agitate with a brush and wipe off and my word does it just fall off. It did it so well I thought I’d clean the back wheel up as well with it and it took 5-10 minutes to clear a good 7 months of chain lube, brake dust, winter salt and detritus from the road. This stuff is batshit crazy good at getting rid of chain lube and anything else for that matter.

How much of the stuff do you need to use?

Quite a bit, depending on how heavily soiled your chain/wheel/exhaust/swingarm is and how long you’ve left it between cleans then it can take more than half a tin just for one cleaning session, that’s not including the sprockets either which could mean about ¾ of a 400ml tin.

Is it a cost-effective product?

That depends on what you’re comparing it too, if it’s compared to the time it takes to clean it with rather than without then yes, it’s very much worth it taking about 5-10 minutes to do the chain, the entire back tyre and the swingarm. If you’re comparing it to a traditional way to clean your chain (Paraffin) then no, I can buy 4 litres of Paraffin for just £10.69, this stuff costs £7.47 as of writing for 400ml of the stuff and you don’t half go through it.

Though on the other hand, some people say Paraffin promotes rust and the WD40 Chain Cleaner is a product specifically designed to clean the chain and be safe on any type of motorcycle chain ring. At the end of the day, it’s up to you what you use, I like this stuff even though it’s more expensive for how much you get because I know it does the job it’s designed to do.

You can get some WD40 Chain Cleaner for just £7.47 (500ml) from this link here.

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