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Why Autoresponder Bots Are Stopping Your Growth

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Psst, all the motovloggers hang out on Twitter. So if you like motovlogs and want more that’s where you can find us all talking to each other and spamming our shit to each other. But, there’s a plague on there, a terrible one that is stunting budding youtubers’ growth.

Auto responding bots.

Here’s why we should not use them and why you won’t see growth on social media.

  1. If the first thing you say to someone is check out my channel “, powered by” then you’re not really genuinely wanting to connect with people, are you?
  2. If you’re not genuine then people won’t connect at all with you as we appreciate honest people that really want to know us, not use us to bump up their subscriber count.
  3. You’re not some A-list celebrity or FouseyTube, the level you’re at doesn’t warrant the auto bot.
  4. They’re impolite. Here’s a tip, don’t ask people to shout you out or spam them asking to subscribe, I don’t know you fucknut we’ve only just connected, and by using the bot on me I say “Fuck you, I ain’t your fluffer!”.

4 perfectly good reasons to ditch the bot and really connect with people, start asking people you follow things about them, their video or life, relate to them and just be a normal person, YouTubers appreciate normal people, not dickheads that just want to be famous and use us to get there, so, if the first thing you say to me is “check out my channel, powered by” then I’m gonna ignore and probably block you.

If you want to take anything away from this post it’s this: We want to know you, the person, the personality and the character, honest, genuine, backwards, all kinds of fucked up and ten different kinds of special. Not some faceless (pun intended), fame hungry cockslap and by using the autobots, that’s just what you come across as, and that’s why you won’t see the growth you want.

Peace Out And Happy Creating – 6M

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