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Why The YouTube Unsub Bug Doesn’t Really Matter

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So it’s all kicking off on YouTube, unsub bug this that and the other, big youtubers losing countless subscribers, people being automatically unsubscribed from channels and the big youtubers are having a right old shit slinging match… against the company that pays them lots of money.

Anyway, I’ve not been hit by the unsub bug when I upload and although my channel did get hit with what I assume is an algorithm change (I got half the views I normally get and subscriber growth trickled to a halt for a couple of weeks), my channel has recovered and is doing better than ever but, that’s not what we’re here to find out about. We’re here to find out why the unsub bug doesn’t actually matter.

Okay so, if you’re like 99.9% of channels out there you get your views from a mix of subscribers and non subscribers, I don’t think there’s a channel out there that ever gets all their subscriber base watching their stuff. If you go check out the ones with millions of subscribers then they don’t either.

Lets take Drama Alert for example, a massive show and I like Keemstar, he’s an entertainer and I’ve changed my opinion of him recently I used to hate him and who he was but anyway as of today Drama Alert has 1.7 million subscribers, so let’s look at the massive impact the unsub bug has had on the view count…

Oh look at that the average view count for the last 10 videos have been in the 480-500k range. But wait a minute 1.7m subscribers500k views, there’s 1.2 million views missing from almost every single video…


Nope. He was getting that as an average before any mention of the dreaded unsub bug.

You see, it’s usual for channels to have more subscribers than views, because, brace yourself, subscribers don’t equal views. Let that sink in, subscribers don’t equal views and:


Views equal exposure, views equal watch time, views equal audience retention, views equal Adsense revenue. Views simply equal opportunity.

Subscriber numbers are just a social status symbol. We have a class system on YouTube, what a time to be alive.

Anyway, lets take a look at ComedyShortsGamer… the one who kicked this all off. As of today he has 7.5 million subscribers… now numbers like that are just crazy, but anyway his video about the unsub bug affecting his channel a month ago got… you guessed it 7.5million vie… oh wait no it didn’t it got 948k views… oh. Well shit, that must be because of the nasty YouTube bug destroying his channel right? RIGHT!?!?!!

Nope. The videos before that got roughly the same amount of views… and the ones after the unsub bug video… got roughly the same amount of views… oh.

So, if the unsub bug isn’t really affecting them then why are they talking about it?

Simple really, they’re creating drama just for views, saying YouTube is broken gets views. Now I’m not saying that the unsub bug isn’t real, something really is happening, but to carry on bleating about the unsub bug this that and the other when it isn’t really affecting you is just well… pathetic.

We know something is going on but we don’t know what and quite frankly I think YouTube doesn’t know either. 

Whatever the case may be I do think YouTube automatically unsubscribes you from channels you are no longer active on as a viewer. The pathetic video they put out recently did nothing to quell the rising storm of YouTubers affected by the subscription part of YouTube.

Again all we can do is speculate on what the case might be as YouTube being their typical self will never admit there’s a problem and they’ll never let us know what’s really going on behind the scenes. But whatever it is or was or will be you can rest assured that subscribers don’t equal views and the big YouTubers complaining and whining for all their flapping have lost absolutely nothing.

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