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Why You Need Branding On YouTube

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Now, I hate when people call themselves “brands” on YouTube, for one it’s pretentious, arrogant, buzzword marketing BS. Two, whenever somebody says they’re a brand I just think what an arsehole. Really. A real bonafide arsehole.

But that doesn’t mean that you don’t NEED, branding, you really do. In this day and age where everyone and their aunt is a Youtuber to stand out and be known is incredibly hard to do.

I’m gonna give you 4 reasons why you need branding and then tell you how to get it.

  1. It makes anything you do, known as yours, wherever someone sees your logo/style they’ll relate that to you.
  2. It’s easier for followers or subscribers of yours to recognise you in the maelstrom of voices and faces, I’m talking: Familiarity, viewers will say “I know what this person does, I like it so I’ll go and watch this.”
  3. It makes you look more professional, and if you look more professional then people will pay more attention.
  4. Your YouTube channel is a shopfront, and a well presented one gets more business.

Okay so there’s 5 perfectly good reasons to get your branding in order, but how to do it, I’ve got over a decade in marketing experience and so I’ll try and break it down:

  1. Get yourself a logo, a simple, recognisable logo, something clean and nice looking, memorable. For example, look at 6f4, C2w, Motonosity, Walterrific. Smo, Tank Snake. Rev Bomb. YummiR6. 
  2. You can get a professional logo done for free by some people and for a small charge by others, do it.
  3. Make yourself a nice header banner for your YT page, include what you do, what people can expect and an upload schedule. (if you have one, which everyone should but that’s for another post)
  4. Once you’ve got that banner image, replicate it over the rest of your social media, FB, Twitter, Google Pages, everywhere.
  5. Make your thumbnails the same style, forever. I’ve been playing around with different styles in my first year but now I’ve nailed it down to what I’m gonna use forever, this makes yours instantly recognisable in the swamp of YT videos.

Pretty easy to do really and implementing a consistent branding over all your social platforms will benefit you greatly in presentation of your channel and in getting new people onboard as you will appear more dependable and professional.

I’m gonna leave it there for now guys and girls, I hope you found this informative/entertaining/enlightening/something and if you did please feel free to share this bad boy vlog to any other motovloggers out there that are new or old to the game but are seeing their growth stutter.

Peace Out And Happy Creating – 6M

I’m a Manchester based Motovlogger on YouTube, with over a decade of marketing and design experience including SEO, analytics and branding, my mission is to help out fellow YouTubers with their own YouTube channels and to help them grow as much as they can.

Learn more. Do more. Be more.


  1. Great advise that mate.

    I’ve just got myself Photoshop which i haven’t used in years so once passed the teething issue i should be good to get some logo’s out. I also got myself a new video editor which should improve my videos a little also.

    Keep doing what you do mate, you have easily become one of my favorites.

    1. Thanks man, I like passing on this knowledge and stuff for others to hopefully get something from.

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