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YouTube SEO Tips To Rank Your Videos Higher

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SEO (Search Engine Optimising) isn’t hard to do, like anything it just requires practice. Once you’ve done it for a little while it’ll become second nature to you.

Now some people say YouTube SEO is dead but it really isn’t, it just doesn’t have the effect that it used to, but, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it. Every little helps when it comes to getting our videos discovered. So, here’s 4 tips to get your videos more views and ranking higher in YouTube Searches.

1. Write an SEO Friendly Title.

With this your titles should match or be close to what someone would search for on YouTube, such as “How to change motorcycle brake pads” or “GoPro Hero 4 Black or Drift Ghost S – which is the best action camera?”.

You need your keywords in there, GoPro Hero 4 Black, Drift, Action Camera, How to’s always go down well, as well as reviews such as “AGV AX8 Naked Carbon Review”. You can also start typing in a title to see what YouTube displays as suggestions for completing the search to see what others have titled their videos.

2. Write a meaningful description for search and for viewers.

This is where a lot of people fall flat, they miss out on helping YouTube decide whether or not to show your video to someone, the first couple of lines are what will be shown to people when they search in YouTube when someone types in a search on the results page, so this needs to be keyword rich and you need to sell the potential viewer your video and why they should watch, aim for a minimum of 250 words.

It’s easy to do, for the first few lines write a good description that sells to someone the reason to watch, then add any relevant links, for example if you’re talking about your FaceBook page in the video put the link after the first few lines, then for the rest, basically you’re going to describe the entire video minus the end card in detail to your viewer.

By doing this you’ll naturally add keywords in and it helps a viewer understand what they’re getting.

If you have a longer video say over 8-10 mins, you can include keyword dense timestamps, this not only has the benefit of helping people navigate to the separate parts of your video but the SEO bonus you can get from it is great, lets use the GoPro vs Drift as an example, it could go something like this:

0:30 – GoPro Hero 4 Black or Drift Ghost S?

3:00 – The benefits of the GoPro

7:30 – The benefits of the Drift Action Camera

10:00 – Video quality of the GoPro v the Drift

12:30 – GoPro Mode Selection

14:00 – Drift Mode Selection

15:00 – Conclusion – GoPro Hero 4 Black/Drift Ghost S

So as you can see, using helpful timestamp titles has two benefits. This is really good for longer videos as people can flirt around to specific points, they might only want to see how to select a different mode on the GoPro and YouTube automatically converts the time to a link for the viewers.

3. Tags

Use only tags that are relevant to your video, aim for about 15-20 MAX. To get tags think about what someone would search for, so for the example of GoPro vs Drift some tags might be “GoPro vs Drift” “GoPro Drift Comparison” “GoPro Hero 4 Black” “GoPro Hero 4” “Drift Action Camera” “Drift Ghost S Action Camera” “Drift Camera” “Drift Action Camera Review” etc… think about what’s in your video and what someone might be looking for.

4. Keyword Rich Playlists

This goes hand in hand with the playlists blog I did a few weeks back, if you organise your videos of a certain ilk into a YouTube Playlist with a keyword rich title as in tip #1, and added a great description to the playlist as well, the combined effect of all these things helps to rank your videos higher.

Bonus Tip: Transcripts/Closed Captions.

Now this is a contentious one and requires a LOT of work, something I need to do. Transcripts or closed captions not only help deaf people watch your content but also helps YouTube further understand your video. It’s a lot of effort and if you don’t fancy doing it there are companies out there that will transcribe your entire video for you, for a fee.

And that’s my 4 tips to help your YouTube videos rank higher and get them discoverable by new viewers, to ultimately get you more subs and help your YouTube channel grow.

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Peace Out And Happy Creating – 6M

I’m a Manchester based Motovlogger on YouTube, with over a decade of marketing and design experience including SEO, analytics and branding, my mission is to help out fellow YouTubers with their own YouTube channels and to help them grow as much as they can.

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